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It's messy, time-consuming and can be tough on your health. Thankfully, there is a better way.

Washing parts by hand costs service departments an average of $6,000 a year for each technician.

Save Time

Why waste time cleaning parts manually? With Cuda, you simply load the parts, close the door, and push start. That's it.

Save Space

Your shop space is precious. With a Cuda system around, you don't have to devote much space to cleaning.

Save Money

An investment in a Cuda automatic parts washer is usually paid back in 6 to 12 months.

Cuda uses an automatic, water-based washing system that eliminates manual scrubbing and toxic solvents.

Our portable Automatic Parts Washers (APWs) simply use pressurized hot water and specialized industrial detergents with rust inhibitors to blast away dirt, grease and grime, while leaving your technicians free to do more productive work.

Cuda's part-cleaning systems will save you money, time, health, and important space in your shop.

Please browse this site to learn more about Cuda automatic parts washers, or contact us to have one of our industry experts speak with you personally.

(604) 506-3787 OR TOLL FREE 1-866-666-CUDA

- Lloyd Fowler, A Pro Automotive Services

"For years I paid my techs to do our washing by hand. Since we got a Cuda system, my guys spend their time fixing vehicles and earning us more money.

The investment has paid off countless times over."

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Our Products

We are proud to be Western Canada's Leading Distributor of Cuda Automatic Parts Washers.

Front Load Models

The popular front-loading parts washers are the “bread and butter” of the Cuda line.

For special applications, custom configurations are also available.Featuring a number of leading edge design elements, Cuda front-load parts washers are easy to use.

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H20 2530
H20 2840

H20 2848

H20 4860

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Top Load Models

Cuda top-loading parts washers are perfect for smaller applications. Compact in size, and yet rugged enough to accommodate parts up to 500lbs.

All Cuda top-loading APWs are on wheels and can easily be rolled from one bay to another.

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H20 2412

H20 2216

H20 2518

SJ-15 (Spin Jet Series)

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We offer a family of detergents that are carefully formulated by our own chemists, blended specifically for Cuda automatic parts washers and produced in our own detergent manufacturing facility.

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We've Taken All The Risk Out of Your Investment

Fully Warranteed

We will give you a one-year warranty on all CUDA products with exclusive use of CUDA detergents.

Totally Clean

Our water-based spray cleaning system eliminates all kinds of handling and disposal hassles.

Meet Brent Presber, CEO of CUDA Canada

Brent has become western Canada's leading distributor of Cuda Automatic Parts Washers. His reputation is based on nearly two decades of unsurpassed customer service to his clients in the automotive, transportation, industrial, forestry, oil & gas, mining, and manufacturing industries.

Brent is based in Cuda's Corporate Head Office and Distribution Centre in Maple Ridge, British Columbia.

(604) 506-3787 OR TOLL FREE 1-866-666-CUDA

Time To Get Cuda Working For You.



Savings Calculator

Try our savings calculator and see how much you can save with a Cuda.

  Number of Technicians
Avg. time each tech cleans parts each day hrs.
Total hours spent cleaning parts each day hrs.
Shop rate (dollars / hr) / hr.
Total labor costs cleaning parts each day $
Total production days per month
Total labor costs per month cleaning parts $
Number of solvent tanks in use
Monthly "service fee" per tank $
Total monthly service fee $
Cost of Brake Clean $
Total Monthly Cost of Solvent Tanks $

Cuda Automatic Parts Washer
Total monthly lease expense $
Cuda 100ZX Detergent $
Monthly Electricity $
Total monthly cost of a Cuda APW = $
Monthly savings with a Cuda APW = $

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